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Maintenance Products

  • KeepBright

    Keepbright Whitening Pen

    The KeepBright pen is an on-the-go teeth whitening pen for keeping your smile white forever. Use it daily to maintain your shiny new smile by removing stains as they appear.

  • StarBright

    StarBright Dual-action Pen

    The StarBright pen is teeth whitening and enamel strenghtening on-the-go. Keeps your smile white AND healthy. Just like the KeepBright Pen, use the whitening side on a regular basis to eliminate stains as they appear. Use the enamel boosting side to keep your teeth healthy.

  • FoamBright

    FoamBright Cleansing Foam

    A revolution in toothpaste! FoamBright 2-in-1 foaming toothpaste whitens without harmful abrasives and cleanses better than traditional toothpaste. Just brush your teeth just like when you use a regular toothpaste. It's that easy!

  • 5 Hour Whitening

    5 Hour Whitening Rinse

    With 5 hour whitening, you're never more than 30 seconds away from a beautiful smile! Just rinse like normal and your teeth will be whiter for five hours!