Starting a teeth whitening business is easy with BleachBright because we take the guess work out of it. Join the teeth whitening industry leader today!

Picture this: You have a busy salon or spa. You offer the most innovative beauty treatments and the latest procedures to help your clients look their best. Now, offer them yet another beautifying treatment with teeth whitening! Our in-salon system or at-home kits are easy to use and affordable. Be that one-stop shop for all things from skin to hair care to nails, eyelashes and teeth!

BleachBright has the products, services and support that can help you start and grow your teeth whitening business. We understand the challenges and opportunities in this competitive industry. BleachBright will help you compete with any competitor out there by providing you with competitive prices and high quality products. We offer competitive pricing on all of our professional products so you can offer them at a fraction of the cost to your customers. 

Salons and Spas

Whether they are coming to you for a hair appointment or a massage, your customers will love the opportunity to whiten their teeth during their visit. This is a low cost start-up to add a teeth whitening machine to a salon. When they leave your salon or spa, they will look and feel amazing with bright, white smiles!

Tanning Salons

With our UVBleachBright system, you can offer your customers a unique and effective “teeth whitening while you tan” service. And, of course, you can also offer our L.E.D. whitening services and products, as well. This can add value to your packages, support during slow seasons and pull from clientele that just want teeth whitening therefore pulling from a market you weren't otherwise pulling from. Tan skin and white teeth go great together!

Mall Kiosks and Stores

Our mall dealers are incredibly successful! Whiten your customers’ teeth while they take a break from shopping, and sell them on-the-go products to go with their busy lives! Mall and kiosk dealers successfully sell BleachBright products all over the world. Open up your teeth whitening kiosk today!


We need help spreading the word about our amazing products and equipment! With our BleachBright Platinum Distributorship program, you can become a BleachBright distributor and sell our products and equipment to salons, spas, gyms, dentists, and more!

Whether you are adding BleachBright to an existing business or starting a new one, all BleachBright dealers are individually owned an operated. Therefore you get all of the BleachBright help and benefits, without all of the expensive franchise fees. With no minimum orders required after your initial dealer package purchase, you control your own destiny and are your own boss. Let us do the ground work for you and get started today!

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