Maintenance Products


  • KeepBright

    KeepBright Whitening Pen

    Keep your teeth bright white even when you are on-the-go with the KeepBright Whitening Pen. Out to lunch? On a trip? No problem! Just take the KeepBright pen with you and maintain your pearly, white smile anywhere, anytime! 

  • StarBright

    StarBright Dual-Action Pen

    No matter where you are, you can maintain your new white smile and boost your oral health all at the same time with our StarBright Dual-Action Pen! One side has KeepBright whitening gel, while the other side has our enamel boosting gel. The enamel booster strengthens enamel while sealing the pores of the teeth actually helping to prevent new staining. Maintain that gorgeous smile and get stronger, healthier teeth, too!

  • FoamBright

    FoamBright Cleansing Foam

    Try our revolutionary FoamBright cleansing foam, and you will never go back to traditional toothpaste again! The foam action gets in the crevasses of the teeth better that paste. It whitens and cleans, at the same time, without any harmful abrasives. Use as your daily toothpaste and brush like normal. It is a 2 month supply. Brighten your teeth every day with this refreshing, mint flavored toothpaste. It will not increase sensitivity and is peroxide-free.

  • 5 Hour Whitening

    5 Hour Whitening Rinse

    In just 30 seconds, you can get 5 hours of whiter, brighter teeth! Swish for 30 seconds with 5 Hour Whitening Rinse and notice an instant boost to your pearly whites that lasts for hours! It has a minty flavor and can be used as your daily mouthwash.

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