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Why BleachBright?

Is BleachBright the right choice for your teeth whitening business? Should you add our product line to your salon, spa, or gym? Yes! At BleachBright, we pride ourselves on being an industry pioneer in the growing world of teeth whitening. Our products are innovative and effective, and they achieve incredible results for our customers.

Not only that, but our “Business-in-a-Box” program lets you really hit the ground running. Everyone wants whiter teeth, and with BleachBright you can give your customers what they want. Need more reasons to choose BleachBright for your teeth whitening business? Here are just a few…

  • Customer Service

    Our customer service experts are standing by, 5 days a week, to assist you with all of your business development needs. As a dealer, you can call our dealer hotline whenever you need help.

    Equipment Warranty

    As a BleachBright dealer, you get a 2-year warranty that covers both parts and labor for repairs to your BleachBright L.E.D. light. Dealers who make recurring orders get an extended lifetime warranty on their equipment.

    Insurance Policy

    At no charge to you, you get a $2,000,000 worth of product liability coverage, with full product protection.

  • Product Line

    Our products are the best in the business! Your customers will absolutely love the results they get when they buy BleachBright products from you. When they see how white their teeth can be, you can bet they’ll be coming back for more!


    BleachBright is in complete compliance with OSHA, EPA, and FD&C guidelines and regulations, and we provide you with all of the necessary paperwork for each. We guarantee your safety and the safety of your customers.

    Made in the USA

    All BleachBright products are proudly manufactured right here in the United States. As a dealer, you’ll be buying your products directly from the manufacturer, cutting out all middlemen to save you money and increase your profits.

    Are you ready to join a multi-billion-dollar industry that’s only getting larger and more successful? 90% of Americans report wanting whiter teeth. Get on board and sell great products quickly and easily with BleachBright! 

The teeth whitening industry is huge and growing bigger every year. Many people want a whiter smile. That makes selling BleachBright easy! Here are some other facts about selling teeth whitening:

  • USA

    Desired by 90% of Americans

  • $11.4 billion

    $11.4 billion industry

  • Calendar

    Year-round appeal

  • Dollar Signs

    Affordable cosmetic service

  • Smile

    And most importantly... Happy customers!