Training Course and Certification


STOP! Don't be fooled!

BleachBright is the industry leader in teeth whitening and has been putting entrepreneurs like yourself in business since 2006. This is a excellent way to be your own boss and no certification, licensing or training course is necessary to do so. We examine all of your questions below so you are able to invest in starting your business versus paying for expensive, unnecessary training courses.

Is a training course necessary to add teeth whitening to my business?

No. You have heard of seminars and training courses to learn about how to administer various services to your customers. Well, incorporating the BleachBright products is different. If you are not a dentist or under a dentist's supervision, you can not touch anyone's mouth for any reason. If anyone ever tells you to paint gel directly onto your customers' teeth or to apply a gum barrier, run! That is illegal and you can be turned into the dental board for this as it is considered the practice of dentistry. That being said, the whitening is actually self-administered by the customer themselves. They put the pre-filled tray in their mouth and they take it out. You are just there to help guide them through the process. This allows for anyone to be able to offer the 15 minute teeth whitening with the high powered light. No certification or licensing can actually be acquired for this therefore no training course is necessary. That's right, skip the costly middleman. Anyone that says they will provide you with a certificate, ask them what governing body backs the certification. It is just a piece of paper. Trainings that you see in the marketplace are just dealers helping other dealers get started and are not regulated by anyone for correctness of training. Do not waste your money on expensive training courses as we will provide you with all the necessary education to be able to offer teeth whitening confidently to your clients. You can also request a certificate stating that you are an authorized BleachBright dealer.

What education is offered?

We fully supply you with all of the necessary knowledge to feel comfortable offering the BleachBright products to your customers. With your initial order, you will get our sales manual that shows you best practices, do's and don'ts, FAQ's, 101 ways to market and much more information FREE! You will also get a disk showing the actual whitening process that you can play for your customers or as a "training tool" for your employees. The whitening instructions are also spelled out word for word on a card in the LED whitening kit box as well as pictured on the back of the LED whitening kit box. And if ever you are asked a question and are unsure of how to answer, our customer service team is available 5 days a week for questions. Feel free to email us at 

Do I need to take a test?

No. If someone instructs you or makes you pay to take a test to be able to offer the 15 minute teeth whitening, this is incorrect information. There are no licenses or certification able to be acquired in order to offer this. If someone says that they will provide you with one, it is just a piece of paper backed by no governing body. The training courses you see on the internet are just dealers (what you will be called upon offering teeth whitening to your clients) that set up a training program to help others get started like they did. Is it necessary? No. Don't be fooled by someone offering you a free light with a training course. Check the light wattage (our light is 20 watts of power) and from where it is made (our light is made in Taiwan not China). You also want to steer clear of goose-neck lights because after alot of manipulation of the neck, the wires may become entangled and snap off which will mean you will be buying a new light soon. Always remember the golden rule, you get what you pay for.

Does the LED light and gel really matter?

Yes! The wattage of the light does matter. The more power behind the light, the better the result. Our BB-Cool Advanced III LED light is 20 watts of power (clip on lights tend to be 9-12 watts), steel encased (no gooseneck light because the wires can become entangled after a lot of manipulation of the neck and snap off), sturdy design on wheels and comes with a lifetime warranty. Some "training courses" offer a free light. Think about what type of quality you will receive with "free". In addition, our gel is USA made and comes with a desensitizer built into the gel formula as well as a 2-8 shade guarantee. China gel is cheaper however it can result in burning or sensitivity. There are cheap lights and cheap gel out there but then you can end up with cheap results. Don't cut your profits and customers short!

Why no governing body over the 15 minute teeth whitening?

The FDA does not govern cosmetic products. The dental board does not govern non-dentists. The cosmetology board governs hair, nails and skin. With this being said, there is no governing body over teeth whitening being offered by non-dentists because this is an over-the-counter, cosmetic, retail product, self-administered by the customer themselves. With our preloaded LED whitening tray, the customer puts it into their own mouth and they take it out. It is not considered a service because you are not performing it on the client however they need your high powered LED for 15 minutes in order to process the box of whitening they just bought from you. So, charge sales tax on the pre-filled tray because it is technically considered a retail product. In turn, no "training course" can offer you a license or certification, because again, there is no governing body.

What type of insurance do I need?

We provide you with $2 million product liability insurance free of charge. No other insurance is required on your end to be able to offer the 15 minute teeth whitening with BleachBright.

Does my customer need to sign a waiver?

No. We do not recommend using waiver forms or consent forms as it can be misconstrued as practicing dentistry based off the information they are giving you, it is actually illegal to do so. This treatment is self-administered by the client themselves and it is up to them to decide on whether they want to do it or not. If they have any doubt in their mind whether they should or shouldn't be doing it, they need to consult their dentist for a professional opinion. The warning card in the LED whitening kit box protects you.

Note: If you choose to take a "training course" offered by a dealer just helping other dealers get started, please feel free to do so however it is not necessary in order to purchase a dealer package with BleachBright and get started immediately. These "trainers" are not employed by BleachBright Corporate. Invest in yourself and your business, not unnecessary, costly middlemen. We are our own manufacturer and distributor and supply you with all of the best equipment, quality product and education you will need to get started right away!


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