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With a full line of high-quality whitening products, selling BleachBright in your tanning salon is easy! Your clients want a gorgeous tan, why not add a beautiful white smile too!

Tanning salons have a couple of different avenues they can follow. They can sell our UVBleachBright kit for teeth whitening in the tanning bed and/or offer the 15 minute whitening with the high powered LED light. The choice is yours! In addition, we have a full line of at-home products that can help boost sales. This is a great way to add value to your packages as well offer another beautifying treatment to make you more of a one stop shop.

What is UVBleachBright?

Designed exclusively for tanning salons, UVBleachBright whitens teeth gradually over time, about 1-2 shades with each use. It can be used 5-7 days in a row in the tanning bed or out. Once they finish the gel vial, they can purchase the ForeverBright Refill, it is the same size vial. Our gel is double the strength of any other tanning kit on the market as well as 25+ applications per tube. We also have a desensitizing agent called potassium nitrate in all of our gel formulas which allows for teeth whitening with little to no sensitivity. It is a nerve blocker to say goodbye to painful teeth whitening. We take pride in offering a great wholesale price point so you are able to offer the best value to your end customer.

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You can purchase UVBleachBright and BleachBright L.E.D. Whitening Kits through these popular tanning distributors and many more!

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Your customers want the confidence that comes with a beautiful smile and a gorgeous tan. Be able to offer them this luxury. Get started with BleachBright today, and give them everything they want! 


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