Mall Kiosk


BleachBright pioneered selling teeth whitening in a mall atmosphere. Our dealers that are in malls are some of the most successful dealers we have. They operate in both stand alone kiosks and in-line stores.

Why Open a Teeth Whitening Mall Location?

Mall Store
  • Easy - Easy business to operate and always have flowing traffic of new faces. (Tourist locations have been proven to work the best.)
  • Affordable - Much less expensive to get started than traditional franchise businesses.
  • Customers Love It - One of the quickest, most affordable, and noticeable cosmetic procedures.
  • Anyone Can Do It - No special training necessary.


Mall Kiosk
  • We Started It - We are the pioneers of this industry and we have been through it all. We know what works.
  • Products - We have an innovative line of high margin teeth whitening products that create excitement and referrals among your customers.
  • Packaging - Our eye-catching product packaging speaks to your target market and inspires consumer confidence.
  • Insurance - We provide, free of charge to our dealers, a $2,000,000 product liability insurance coverage that offers the maximum product protection for your business.
  • Worldwide Branding - Our worldwide branding efforts work together with the marketing materials we provide to you to drive traffic to your business and generate sales.


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