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L.E.D. Whitening Kits

Our teeth whitening kit is superior to anything you will find on the market for many reasons. Simply, it is easy, fast and effective teeth whitening. Our premium USA made, dental grade gel formula encompasses a desensitizing ingredient called potassium nitrate. This allows for you to experience little to no sensitivity when using our gel formula under the high powered LED light. With BleachBright's combination of the Pre-filled L.E.D. Whitening Kit and BB-Cool Advanced III LED light, you can expect 2-8 shades whiter, guaranteed! This teeth whitening machine has a sturdy build made out of Taiwan and is sure to leave your new smile gleaming white. Popular in salons, spas, med spas, tanning salons, gyms and dental offices all over the world, the BleachBright teeth whitening light system combines speed and convenience with amazing results. Find a distributor near you today and see the difference for yourself!

15 Minutes to White Teeth

L.E.D. Kit Explanation

bluminerals™ sealer

Bluminerals™ enamel boosting gel seals in your whitened teeth and protects them against future stains. With just a 10-minute treatment, sitting under our L.E.D. teeth whitening lamp, you can increase your enamel strength and protect your teeth against damage and yellowing.

Think of bluminerals™ as the finishing, protective seal for your brilliant, new smile. You wouldn’t wash your car without waxing it, would you? And you wouldn’t shampoo your hair without applying a hydrating conditioner, right? Well, don’t leave your newly whitened teeth unprotected, either. After you whiten, insure your smile with bluminerals™ by BleachBright!



 The benefits of bluminerals™ sealer for after the whitening

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    Eases Sensitivity

    Peroxide gels can cause some people to experience tooth sensitivity. bluminerals™ has potassium nitrate which eases sensitivity.




    Protects Your Smile

    When you whiten, the pores of the teeth remain open and can absorb stains. bluminerals™ closes these pores and prevents stains from entering.


    First Aid

    Strengthens Enamel

    Every time you eat or drink, you weaken your teeth's enamel. The sodium fluoride in bluminerals™ helps strengthen your teeth's enamel.