Mobile Teeth Whitening


Mobile teeth whitening brings teeth whitening directly to your customer! Set-up at their home, office, gym, or fundraiser. Simply take our mobile high powered LED light anywhere! It fits in any car, truck or van. We offer 2 different economical Mobile Teeth Whitening Packages for you to get started with today!

Dealers can set-up at:
✅Fairs and festivals
✅Event Days at other salons, spas, med spas, gyms or offices
✅Home Parties

Our beginner whitening business kit has EVERYTHING you need to start your own mobile teeth whitening business. You will be trained by an experienced and dedicated staff of professionals on how to set up and operate the BB-Cool Advanced III LED light machine, as well as given step-by-step instructions on how to administer the treatment. We also provide you with a mobile chair that is easily transported and collapses for easy storage.

Many people want to whiten their teeth, but don’t want to do it in a public or semi-public environment. You can offer a private home session for a premium price or attempt to convert them into hosting a teeth whitening party.

Teeth whitening is a very easy, low cost entry and super profitable business to start. This allows you to start a mobile teeth whitening business without location costs and the opportunity to be your own boss.

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