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Teeth Whitening Businesses

If you own or manage a hair salon, day spa, med spa, nail salon, or any other cosmetic business, BleachBright is a perfect add-on to your business. Your customers already trust you with their appearance, so adding another cosmetic service to your list of services will enable you to generate extra income and serve your customers better.

Salons and Spas

Whether your customers are getting a a new hairdo or coming in for a massage, a teeth whitening session is the perfect way for them to leave your business feeling and looking good.

Tanning Salons

Tanning salons are perfect for BleachBright! We offer the UVBleachBright system — "teeth whitening while you tan." We also offer our L.E.D. whitening equipment and products to tanning salons.

Mall Kiosks and Stores

One of the most popular ways to sell BleachBright is in a mall. We have dealers operating in-line stores and kiosks all over the world.


We can't get to everyone alone! We created the BleachBright Platinum Distributorship program for people to be able to distribute our best teeth whitening products to salons, spas, dentists and more!