BraceBright FoamBright Cleaner

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  • ✅PEROXIDE-FREE FORMULA - BraceBright’s Peroxide-free formula cleans and whitens at the same time. The foam gets into the crevices of the teeth better than toothpaste and cleans all around and under brackets and wires. Its oxygen infused bubbles make a clean mouth while having braces easy!
  • ✅CLEANS AND WHITENS FROM WITHIN - Reduces plaque build-up preventing uneven tooth coloring after taking braces off. The enamel soaks BraceBright into its pores, cleaning and whitening from within. This will result in better gum health so you can let your smile shine. Don’t let braces stop you from feeling your best!
  • ✅HELPS PREVENT CAVITIES - The Xylitol kills bad breath, fights cavities and helps you maintain good oral hygiene practices while getting your gorgeous smile.
  • ✅NO SENSITIVITY - Potassium Nitrate, a nerve blocker that prevents sensitivity, will allow for whitening while cleaning with no sensitivity.
  • ✅3 EASY WAYS TO USE - Safe for metal and clear braces, retainers, or aligners. With 3 ways to apply, brush, rinse or use with trays, better oral hygiene is on the way! Can be used on-the-go or after you get your braces removed!
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