Dental Products


In-Office Whitening

BleachBrightPRO NightBright Home Whitening System

BleachBrightPRO 3-in-1 Dental System

BleachBrightPRO 3-in-1 is the most comprehensive and innovative whitening product on the market today. It maximizes results and creates repeat sales.

BleachBrightPRO Mini Chairside Kit

The same kit as the BleachBrightPRO 3-in-1 but without the take–home maintenance products — it’s just chairside whitening.

bluminerals™ Remineralizer

If you whiten your teeth, then bluminerals™ is a must-have product to protect your investment.

At-Home Maintenance

Complete White Smile NightBright

StarBright Dual-Action Maintenance Pen

Included in the BleachBrightPRO kit, the StarBright Pen maintains white smiles.

Home Whitening System Refill Kit

Patients can buy gel for the mouthpiece included in their BleachBrightPRO kits.

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